Friday, August 25, 2006

Harlan T. Bobo Interview...What's Next For Mr.Bobo?

Harlan T. Bobo photo: Don Perry

By: Rich Tupica
August 17th, 2006

Memphis based Goner Records may be known for releasing garage-punk albums by The Oblivians and The King Khan & BBQ Show, but Harlan T. Bobo is the exception to the Eric Oblivian rule.
With a history in the rock-n-roll band Viva La American Death Ray Music, not many were expecting his emotional curve ball of a solo album called "Too Much Love." From start to finish this LP is the story of his marriage going to hell and listening makes you feel as if you're his best friend watching it happen.
Too Much Love
received much critical praise, now Harlan has part two of his sad-saga waiting for us underneath his bed.

How old are you and where are you from Harlan T.Bobo?
"Too old to be livin' the way I do. Dayton, Ohio was my place of birth, but I move around."

How did it feel to release your solo album 'Too Much Love'? Did it seem more important to you than some of your previous releases?
"Frightening, it sat under my bed for almost a year."

Some, well most of the lyrics on 'Too Much Love' were quite personal and honest, did you ever have any doubts about releasing such an intimate album?
"It never crossed my mind that it could be a problem. Now, two years later if I want to sing those songs, well, I have to relive that relationship ... It keeps me from playing a lot of shows."

What's the deal with the 'Merry Christmas Spaceman' album? I haven't heard this yet, but I want to, when was this stuff recorded and why?

"The Christmas lp rocks! ... Well, it doesn't rock, but I like it. It's all instrumental cartoony stuff that I made them as Christmas gifts for several years. My brother put them all on a cd, now Goner Records has them."

Is there going to be another solo Harlan album,and who will be involved with it, also is there a release date?
"The new Harlan record is sitting under my bed. Everybody was involved, whoever was around at the time. Too be released once I'm not so close to it."

What does the newer solo stuff sound like? Is it going to be another concept or theme type of album?
"It's the aftermath album... Watch Harlan lose his little mind. It sounds loopy, someone said it sounds like a closeted Brian Wilson, does that mean it sounds gay?"

What do you feel is more of a priority these days, solo, or Death Ray Music?
"So far there has been no need to prioritize."

How was it working with Cat Power on her new album?
"I heard a lot of stories about Cat Power, but she was fine. She spoke very quietly, but had very definite ideas of what she wanted ... I now have a crush. "

What are some newer bands or artist that you are currently listening to?
"Honestly, I can't afford to buy new music, its gotten way too expensive. I get all my records from the $2 bin. I listen to a lot of Kris Kristopherson and Jackie Gleason."

Do you want to add anything about current projects you are working on?
"Presently, I have a job scoring music for a reality T.V. show called "Sexual Healing" on Showtime. It's not exactly porn, but it'll have to do. The Limes, I can't say enough good things about the 'Tarantula' record."

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